Our Mission

Burrell Academy (B.A.) was founded on the belief that every child has the capacity to learn in their own unique way. Students are pushed to meet their full potential based on their current ability.  Here at B.A., we learn not only with each other, but from each other.  Each student has a curriculum that is customized to meet their individual needs, which is monitored through constant observations and assessments to maximize their success.  

Erica Burrell M.Ed.


About Mrs. Burrell

Erica is passionate about child development and prides herself on providing the best quality of education possible.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with an Emphasis in Child Development from San Francisco State University, and a Masters in Special Education (with teaching certificates in both elementary and special education) from Arizona State University. Erica specializes in behavior management, reading fluency, and personalized curriculum plans.  She has used her education to lead cultural competency and diversity workshops in public schools, and this year marks her seventh year of teaching experience. When Erica is not teaching, tutoring, or consulting, she is a wife and mother who enjoys music and swimming.  





Masters of Education (M.Ed)

Elementary and Special Education
Arizona State University


Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

Sociology Emphasis in Child Development

San Francisco State University


Certified Infant Specialist
Texas A&M University

Teaching Experience


Preschool, Elementary and Middle School Teacher 


Behavioral Interventionist for Children with Autism

Infant Specialist for Children with Developmental Delays

NAEYC Pre-school Accreditation Specialist

Special Education Advocate

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