Burrell Academy prepares children for College by providing the skills needed to be successful adults early. This includes educational services in the areas of math, reading & writing, social skills and motor skills. In addition students learn key life skills such as budgeting, self- advocacy, conflict resolution and more. 

Age 2-3

Age 4-5


Developmental Targets

Active participation in:

-2-5 word sentences

(2-word sentences by age 2 and 5-word sentences by age 3)

- Pretend play 

- Ability to jump and land on both feet 

- Ability to independently walk up and down stairs 


Example Activities: 

- Exposure to various textile and sensory items

- Kicking a ball 

- Empathy encouragement ("Is the girl in the story sad or happy?")

- Rich text activities (matching pictures, turning storybook pages, etc.)










Transitional Kindergarden 

Developmental Targets (Age 4)

Active participation in:

- Proper use of scissors  

- Naming body parts and the differences between girls and boys

- Independently feeding themselves with the appropriate utensils 

- Drinking from an open cup with 75% accuracy 

- Dressing themselves (including buttoning and zipping clothes) 

- Independently using the stairs


Developmental targets (Age 5)

Active participation in:

- Can write first and last name

- Can count to 100

- Knows letters and their sounds

- Able to read simple text 


Example Activities: 

- Pouring water from a tea kettle to an open cup 

- Prompting storybook questions ("Why do you think she felt sad"?)

- Filling in missing letters to complete simple words 

- Independently completing a number chart (0-100)

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The Road to College Begins at Birth

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